Why An Ultrasound Can Take Only 10 Seconds For A High-Definition Image

Since its incorporation in the mainstream medical examinations, ultrasound has become one of the most efficient and reliable ways to look into the body in a non-invasive way. Ultrasounds give an accurate image of body parts in the least amount of time, and even allows the patient to experience real-time results. In fact, it can produce a high-definition image in less than ten seconds!

This not only allows the doctors to diagnose the patient’s issue with ease, but also allows immediate intervention and care. Due to its quick and accurate imaging technology ultrasounds are also used by surgeons to guide the medical procedures in real-time. USS (ultrasound scan) improves the accuracy and probability of success of the procedure, even improving the patient’s chances of survival in critical conditions.

Where technologies like CT and MRI take between 24 hours to one week for giving results, ultrasound delivers high-definition images immediately, as the scan is progressing.

Why is ultrasound a quick and efficient process?

Ultrasound is a revolutionary technology that uses low power sound waves to produce crystal clear images of the body, however, a trained professional is required to give the assessment. This process of diagnoses happens in real-time as the equipment used to get the sonogram can reflect the image of the body on the spot.

Here’s how the ultrasound works-

Initial stages and preparation: Ultrasound sends sound waves in the body and when the body reflects these soundwaves back, an image is formed. Any barriers between the ultrasound equipment and the body part being scanned could cause disruptions in the process. This is why during an ultrasound the patient is required to remove any jewellery worn and to change out of their clothes into a light gown.

One this is done, a trained professional applies an ultrasound gel on the body part where the scan would happen. The gel applied on the body is usually water-basedand closes any air pockets between the equipment and the skin to prevent disruptions in the process.

Equipment and scanning: After application of the gel, the trained professional uses a hand-held device, known as the transducer to do the scan. The transducer is pressed against the skin where the gel is applied. This enables the equipment to send sound waves through the skin, inside the body. Post this process, a clear image is transferred to a monitor where you can see the structures of your body, within a few seconds. 

In most cases ultrasound is done only outside the body but at times the doctor might insert the ultrasound equipment inside the body. This is because the denser structures of the body like bones, hide the structures like ligaments underneath them. In such a case the patient is sedated and the ultrasound is performed by gently inserting a small transducer inside a natural opening in the body, such as the esophagus, rectum or vagina.

How can anultrasound benefit in case of emergencies?

A quick imaging technology like ultrasound is a boon to critical situations. POCUS (Point Of Care Ultrasound) is the practice of taking the scanning equipment to the patient’s location. This can help a patient in critical care get diagnosis and treatment in the ambulance or even at the patient’s home, saving the patient from the trouble of visiting the hospital.  Other technologies like CT or MRI do not have the benefit of being portable. There is also a huge time delay between the procedure and obtaining the scan results.

The ultrasound process is enhanced by technologies like MediScan that can produce, quick, high-definition scans in less than 10 seconds. MediScan is also efficient and available for highly successful point of care diagnosis. 

At MediScan, the patients with critical issues are giving priority through a “triage” system. Here patients are classified based on the severity of their disease/injury which makes the treatment process efficient and accessible for all patients. Every patient has different needs and we work accordingly to provide high-grade service. Our high-definition and quick ultrasounds enable patients to get the most accurate scans and precise images. Ultrasounds are also cost-effective compared to other technologies and our HD technology aids in taking the efficiency of the overall process to the next level.